This is your birth – own it!


Giving birth is a time of excitement and joy, but it can also be overwhelming, intimidating, and full of conflicting advice.

The best way to have a positive birthing experience is to be aware and educated. There are so many options and choices surrounding childbirth – whether you want minimal intervention or a cesarean section – and the only way to use your options is to know them!

My judgement-free childbirth classes, newborn classes, and support services are designed to empower you to make the best out of your birthing journey, whatever that may look like for you.

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Childbirth classes offer you the chance to learn the basics of childbirth and empower you to make informed decisions and choices.

Newborn care and feeding classes teach you some parenting basics. This is the instruction guide your baby SHOULD come with!

A birth plan is a written document that allows you to explore your opinions on various choices regarding birth and helps you to make your wishes known for everyone involved.