About Me

As a teen mom, I felt unprepared for what childbirth had in store. I left that experience feeling like there had to be a better way. I did not know my options or ways to facilitate the birth I wanted. So when I became pregnant with my second child, I set out to educate myself and, in doing so, found my passion for childbirth. I volunteered in the birth community for some time before dedicating to this career path full-time.

Now, I am a married mother of three wonderful children. I grew up in Philadelphia, met my husband while living in New Jersey, and we moved to Nashville in 2011. We now reside in beautiful Fairview, TN.

Feeling knowledgeable and prepared changed my birthing experiences dramatically compared to my first. After following our local birthing community since my second pregnancy in 2012, I started to want to be involved. I volunteered with the Nashville Birth Network and trained to become a volunteer doula with the Nashville Volunteer Doula Program.

I knew I had found my passion for birth work and certified as a childbirth educator as well as a birth and bereavement doula in 2017. Over the course of my three children, I have had non-medicated births, an induction, breastfed, formula-fed, cloth diapered, disposable diapered, co-slept, and not co-slept. I firmly believe that each parent and each child are so unique that there cannot possibly be one right way to do it. Instead, we need to learn all that we can about the different ways to do it so that we can each decide the best way for us.

My hope is to help other parents feel confident and knowledgeable about their birthing choices and decisions. Whether you want a natural birth at home, planned cesarean section, or just want to go with the flow of things, I want to help you learn all that you can so that you can walk away from your birthing experience knowing that you made the best choices for yourself and your family.

Kristin Carlson, SBD, CCE

Philosophy & Beliefs

I respect childbirth as a normal, physiological process. To me, there is something beautiful & empowering about giving birth and walking alongside someone as they travel that path.

Thankfully, in our society today, we have many choices regarding childbirth. You can choose to relieve your pain or where you want to birth. You can choose to bring support people or birth alone. Sometimes, medical situations come up that require altering your plans. Do you really want to wait to learn about the process & options regarding a cesarean birth at a moment’s notice?

I believe that knowledge is power, education is important, and support is necessary. No matter the outcome. I support birth diversity by offering evidence-based education & judgement-free support.

My hope is that you feel confident, informed, and empowered by your birthing choices and decisions.

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Training & Experience

  • May 2016: Nashville Birth Network volunteer
  • September 2016: Nashville Volunteer Doula Program training
  • March 2017: Nashville Birth Collective founding member
  • April 2017: ProDoula Certified Childbirth Educator (PDCCBE)
  • April 2017: Certified StillBirthDay Birth & Bereavement Doula
  • May 2017: Healthcare Provider CPR