Birth Art

Birth art is a terrific way to celebrate and remember your birthing experience, and be a wide variety of art types. Some people choose to create art themselves, either to explore their fears, hopes, or dreams surrounding their pregnancy and birth. Others choose to buy already created art, such as a canvas painting or drawing, to decorate their homes or birthing space.

Another option is to hire a professional to create a personalized art, just for you. This way, you get the best of both worlds. You are involved in the process and it is tailored to suit your own needs, but by hiring a professional you can ensure that it will be done correctly.

Henna is a form of skin art, almost like a temporary tattoo. It is a plant that is dried out, ground up, and mixed with a few other natural ingredients to make a deep brown paste. This paste can be used to decorate hair, nails, and skin. It has been an artform for thousands of years, predominantly in the Middle East. Henna is considered to bring good luck and joy, and can be a fun and beautiful way to celebrate your growing belly. The henna “tattoo” lasts for several weeks, and is a fantastic addition to maternity photographs.

Belly casting is a gorgeous, and permanent art form that involves applying plaster to parts of your body to develop a cast of that area. For an expecting parent, it is a great way to appreciate and remember your pregnant body. It is a wonderful decoration to hang in the nursery, or use as a bowl! The finished product can be left its natural white color, or can be decorated with paint, lace, ribbon, feathers, jewels, and more.

Belly painting can be a fun activity for a baby shower or blessingway. Your beautifully decorated belly is a terrific addition to maternity photographs, or just to pamper yourself with a bit of love. It can be relaxing to just sit back, while someone soothingly paints your belly, while laughing and talking with friends and/or family.

An expecting parent may choose to have henna applied for beautifully exquisite photographs or to celebrate their journey into parenthood during a baby shower or blessingway. Relax while having a cool, soothing paste applied to your growing belly.

Henna also makes a great gift!

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