Birth Consults

Do you need someone who understands what you’re going through?

Do you need someone to support you during an appointment or ultrasound?

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If you need in person support for a care provider’s appointment, ultrasound, etc. I can join you for emotional & mental support. As a Stillbirthday University Student, I support birth diversity, at any time in pregnancy. Whether you’d just like some company, not to be alone, or have reasons to worry, I will stand by you for as long as needed to help you walk this path.

Birth Consults

  • 2 Hour Minimum

Also check out my Birth Plan Sessions for a personalized and comprehensive written plan or my Doula Services for additional support options!

10% discount when services combined!

In an effort to provide education and support to those who may not otherwise have the option, 10% of all revenue on education and support services goes directly to a scholarship fund.

If you are expecting, in need of education or support, and unable to afford these services, please contact me to see if a scholarship is available for you.

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