Birth Plans

Birth plans can be developed to help you consider all your options and develop contingency plans for the “what ifs”. You may use it for yourself, or you may share it with others to open a dialogue surrounding your wishes, hopes, or fears. While birth can never be truly “planned”, a birth plan can assist you in addressing various possibilities and what your personal preferences are.

My comprehensive plan goes over most possibilities and choices that you may be faced with. Together, we will go through the plan, address anything you are unsure about, and customize your personal birth plan according to your desires. You will walk away with a detailed & personalized written plan in hand to help you achieve the birth you want while feeling educated & confident about your choices.

Together, we can go over any dreams, fears, wishes, hopes, or goals you may have for your birth. I will listen & support you through whatever you may be facing. I offer judgement-free, unbiased, professional support.

Birth Plan Session

  • 2 Hour Max.

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