Childbirth Education

Childbirth education allows expecting parents to learn about their options regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. It also allows expecting parents to face potential situations that may arise during birth, and helps them practice how to make informed decisions throughout this process. Additionally, it can help partners learn how to best support the laboring mom including positions, pain relief options, and comfort measures.

There are many types, or brands, of childbirth education classes and some of them focus on specific ways to birth, such as non-medicated. The classes that I teach are not associated with any brand or birth type, which allows me to be flexible with the information I choose to teach. I am a Certified Childbirth Educator, have three children of my own, and have read an extensive amount of pregnancy and childbirth books and articles. I also have experience as a birth doula, which continues to teach me innovative ways to help support and comfort laboring mothers. Currently, I am training through StillBirthDay University to become a certified birth and bereavement doula.

I believe in continuing education and staying current with medical recommendations. As a result, my classes change over time, as new evidence is found and recommendations are made.

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Class Curriculum

(Birth And Beyond Education)

B.A.B.E. Class

Health during pregnancy

Pregnancy anatomy

How will I know when labor begins?

Stages of labor

Medical interventions & augmentations

Informed decision-making

Labor variations

Birth plans & preferences

Comfort measures

Labor support

Medical pain relief

Non-medical pain relief

Labor & delivery positions

Postpartum recovery

Postpartum mood disorders

(Newborn Infant Care Education)

N.I.C.E. Class

Newborn medical procedures

Newborn behaviors & appearance

Breastfeeding basics

Formula-feeding basics

Breast-pumping basics

Bottle-feeding basics

Newborn care

Parenting styles

Soothing techniques

Safe sleep practices

Newborn car safety

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My childbirth classes offer evidence-based and up-to-date information. They are offered in-person in Middle TN or virtually via Skype! Engaging and interactive classes ensure that you retain the information you need to know. Each student also receives a student handbook and parenting plan to take home for reference after the class ends!