Henna is a plant that is dried out, ground up, and mixed with essential oils, lemon juice, and sugar to produce a paste that is used to adorn hair, nails, and skin. Once applied to the skin, the paste will dry, flake off, and leave a beautiful brown-red stain on your skin for several weeks. It is a natural & safe way to decorate your body.

Throughout history, it has been used for celebrations such as weddings, childbirth, & victory in war. It is believed to bring joy & luck.

An expecting parent may choose to have henna applied for beautifully exquisite photographs or to celebrate their journey into parenthood during a baby shower or blessingway. Relax while having a cool, soothing paste applied to your growing belly.

Henna makes a great gift!


  • 2 Hour Minimum

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Please note that while the 100% natural henna I use is generally considered safe, there is risk of allergic reaction. If you are allergic to  naphthalene (found in aspirin, fava beans, & moth balls) or have liver problems, do not use henna. Please check with your health care provider to ensure that henna is safe for you

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