Childbirth classes are a fantastic way to learn about child birthing options, comfort measures, and what is happening within your body and your baby’s body through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. They allow expecting parents to meet other local expecting parents, learn about childbirth, and opens the dialogue between partners regarding options and support.

Newborn classes, parenting classes, and feeding classes can help prepare you for what to expect following your birth. Basic newborn care, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, diapering, swaddling, parenting styles, safety, and soothing techniques are just some of the topics covered in a newborn care class. This is the instruction guide your baby SHOULD come with!

Traditional birth doulas provide physical, emotional, and mental support during labor and delivery by being present in the delivery room. My virtual doula services provide you with the emotional and mental support of a birth doula, while equipping you and your partner to handle the physical support yourselves, without the extra body in the delivery room!

A birth plan can be developed to help you consider all your options and develop contingency plans for the “what ifs”. While birth can never be truly “planned”, a birth plan can assist you in addressing possibilities and determining where your preferences are. You will walk away with a detailed & personalized written plan in hand to help you achieve the birth you want while feeling educated & confident about your choices.

A birth consult can be whatever you want! Sometimes you just need an ear to talk to, someone to listen unbiasedly, & emotional or mental support. If you are feeling overwhelmed, unsure, or scared, we can meet and talk about everything on your mind. I believe that your mentality will affect your birth, and your life, so let’s hash it all out before the big day comes!

Birth art is a terrific way to celebrate and remember your birthing experience, and can be a wide variety of art types. Currently, I offer henna services to expecting mothers but hope to add more services soon! Henna is a beautiful stain created from a paste that is made with natural ingredients. This stain is applied to the mother’s belly during a baby shower, blessingway, or in private and is a beautiful addition to maternity photographs.

10% discount if you combine services!

In an effort to provide education and support to those who may not otherwise have the option, 10% of all revenue on education and support services goes directly to a scholarship fund.

If you are expecting, in need of education or support, and unable to afford these services, please contact me to see if a scholarship is available for you.

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